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Author Topic: Allan David Heim gets 4 years for rape of 17 year old  (Read 2709 times)

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Allan David Heim gets 4 years for rape of 17 year old
« on: December 03, 2009, 06:39:12 PM »

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Allan David Heim gets 4 years for rape of 17 year old

October 20, 2005

A 17 year-old Albert County girl had  finished school on March 2 and went home to find she had a visitor.

Allan David Heim, 35, was waiting on her front step. She knew  Heim, because he knew the girl's mother, but was no longer on good terms with her.

Heim told the girl he wanted to talk, but they soon got in to an  arguement.  "Eventually Mr. Heim started making threats towards her," Crown prosecutor Anthony Allman said yesterday, in Moncton provincial court. "He made remarks about knives and having guns."

Heim talked about things he'd done in the past and made reference to biker gangs.

He finally forced the frightened girl into the house, brought her to a bedroom and ordered her to strip. He forced her to lie on the bed and then raped her.

Heim was in court yesterday for sentencing on sexual assault, assault and other charges. The large, tattooed man with the handlebar moustache sat in the prisoners dock, across the courtroom from his slight victim.

Heim recently pleaded guilty to the charges.

The mother came home later and found Heim there. She began yelling at him and demanded to know where her daughter was.

He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the house.

The police were eventually called and Heim was arrested because there was an outstanding warrant for him.

The girl then told police what he did and charges were laid.

He was charged with sexually assaulting the girl, assaulting the mother, breaching a court undertaking, assaulting another woman at the mother's workplace on a different date and failing to appear in court.

Judge Dugas-Horsman sentenced Heim to four years in prison, plus an additional 30 days for failing to pay an earlier restitution order.

He's been on remand for five months and was given credit for that time, meaning he's already served 10 months of his sentence.

Heim will also be listed on the national sex offender registry for the next 20 years.

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