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Copyright Claims
« on: August 13, 2010, 07:53:24 PM »
While Moncton Forums upholds free speech, we also recognize existing copyright and trademark laws. In cases where an individual believes that an item on Moncton Forums is in violation of copyright or trademark law, we will investigate such a claim. Please note that in order for an item to be removed your claim absolutely must show that the item is posted in violation of existing copyright or trademark law; failure to provide tangible evidence for your claim will void your claim. There are no exceptions. Further to this, you must complete the form listed here accurately and provide all contact information as we do not initiate any claim without first contacting the complainant. Failure to provide contact information or providing false contact information will void your claim.There are no exceptions. If form is not properly filled out, we will not respond to your request.

Have you seen an item on Moncton News that you believe violates existing copyright or trademark laws? Please notify Moncton Forums with the following:

1- The item or items in question and their respective link on

2- Tangible evidence that the item is in violation of existing copyright or trademark laws

Upon reception of your complaint, Moncton Forums will investigate your claim and take appropriate action and notify you once a decision has been made.
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